What to do if you witness discrimination or hate speech?

Unia invites you to complete this online form. It's simple to use and allows you to explain the situation you have witnessed. It is free of charge and confidential. You can file a report without waiting for a response from Unia, simply so that there is a record of the facts.

What to do if you witness discrimination or hate speech?

If you have witnessed hate speech on social media, you can report it to Unia

But you can also:

  • report the use of hate speech directly to the responsible social network;
  • ask the page administrator or moderator to delete the message;
  • respond to the message by addressing the content (and not the author), by refuting the lies, expressing your dismay, and taking the time to respond calmly and reasonably.

See also: what to do if you feel you have experienced discrimination?

Why is it useful to report discrimination?

The reports we receive, even if they are not actively followed up, allow us to collect data on situations of discrimination in our society.

  1. This report allows us to formulate opinions, make recommendations, and systematically fight for more equality and against discrimination.
  2. The figures can also be used by organisations, journalists, researchers, the academic world… to carry out studies or draw up recommendations.
  3. The political world can also use the data for new proposals for legislation or public policy.