Housing: reporting discrimination

Are your opportunities to find housing being restricted? Are you treated differently because of a protected characteristic? Have you not received the accommodations to which you are entitled for your disability? Or is an owner or real estate broker making discriminatory remarks? Report it to Unia.

Discrimination in the housing market can happen both during the search for a home and once you live there. In looking for housing, it is often a matter of discriminatory classified ads or documents, or denial of housing or even the opportunity to view a property. But it is also possible to be given fewer opportunities once you are living in a home, for example, when you need reasonable modifications to accommodate a disability.

Unia can provide you with advice and support. When you file your report, you should certainly describe the difference in treatment, which accommodations have not been provided and what exactly was said. You should also tell us what steps you have (possibly) already taken yourself, who was involved and where the property is located.

Unia will always jointly seek a negotiated solution, taking into account your rights, as well as the legitimate concerns of all parties involved. Only in exceptional cases will we take legal action, and only with your consent. Read more about what happens once you have filed your report.