Parallel report to the Committee against torture (CAT) (2021)

Lack of reliable and centralized data on allegations of police violence, refoulement or deportation of foreigners despite the risk of torture and ill-treatment, and persistent shortcomings in the care of internees: these are some of the findings of this report.

Unia and Myria submitted a report to the UN Committee against Torture that covers the period 2013-2021. The report is intended for the independent experts of the Committee.

On July 15th and 16th, 2021, the Committee and Belgium’s representatives will meet for a constructive dialogue and discuss the progress made since 2013, as well as the remaining challenges. The Committee will then issue a report (called "concluding observations") with recommendations.

The Committee will focus on five topics:

  • police violence
  • conditions of detention
  • fight against terrorism
  • non-refoulement
  • repatriation and extradition

This interactive dialogue between the Belgian representatives and the Committee will take place virtually and will be broadcasted live on UN WebTV.

Prior to this dialogue, on July 12th, Myria and Unia will meet the experts of the UN Committee against Torture to present the main focus of the parallel report and answer their questions.