Our local contact points

Unia is not just present in Brussels, with its headquarters. We also have about twenty local contact points in Flanders and Wallonia. 

If you can’t reach a local contact point, please fill in our online report form or call our free phone number 0800 12 800, so that you can then go to your nearest contact point. 


Unia Brabant wallon - Hainaut Sud

Unia Namur - Luxembourg

Unia Liège - Verviers

Unia Wallonie Picarde - Hainaut Centre


Unia Regio Aalst

Unia Regio Antwerpen

Unia Regio Brugge

Unia Regio Genk

Unia Regio Gent

Unia Regio Hasselt

Unia Regio Kortrijk

Unia Regio Leuven

Unia Regio Mechelen

Unia Regio Oostende

Unia Regio Roeselare

Unia Regio Sint-Niklaas

Unia Regio Turnhout