Which cookies do we use and why?

The website uses the following cookies:

  • cookies that are technically essential and cookies for functional purposes
    • These cookies ensure that the website functions optimally, or ensure the security of the website. They are essential for good communication and make browsing easier.
    • These cookies facilitate the visit to the website and make it more user-friendly (e.g. language choice).
  • cookies for analytical purposes
    • These cookies make it possible to analyse the use of the website. With these cookies, the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, the activity of users on the website and their return frequency can be measured. They provide us with information about the performance of the website.
  • cookies for marketing purposes
    • Marketing cookies aim to personalise your experience and send you relevant content and offers on other websites. Marketing cookies are only used on www.unia.be to enable the integration of our Twitter feed on our website. They make sure that you can read the Twitter feed on our homepage.

Unia uses Expression Engine to keep the content of the website up-to-date. This software uses technical and functional cookies. If you want to be able to read the website, you cannot refuse these cookies.

List of technically essential cookies

  1. _language
    Essential cookie for the language choice: saves which language the user has chosen so that the correct language is displayed on a subsequent visit.
    Expires after 29 days
  2. local_storage_support_test
    Essential cookie from Twitter: the cookie is used in conjunction with the local storage function in the browser. This feature allows the website to load faster by preloading certain procedures.
    Never expires
  3. _lang
    Preference cookie: remembers which language version of a website the user selected
    Expires after one session
  4. __cookieconsent
    Essential cookie for the cookie banner: indicates whether the cookie banner should be shown or whether it has already been accepted
    Expires after one year

List of analytical cookies

  1. _ga
    Analytical cookie from Google Analytics: creates a unique ID to track statistical data on website visits
    Expires after 2 years
  2. _gat
    Analytical cookie from Google Analytics:  used to send a request rate to Google Analytics.
    Expires after 1 day
  3. _gid
    Analytical cookie from Google Analytics: creates a unique ID to retain statistical data about website visits
    Expires after each session
  4. collect
    Used to send data about the device and behaviour of the visitor across various channels to Google Analytics.
    Expires after each session
  5. p.gif
    Tracks special fonts used on the website for internal analysis. The cookie does not record visitor data.
    Expires after each session

List of marketing cookies

  1. _widgetsettings
    Marketing cookie from Twitter: Collects data on the behaviour and interaction of visitors. This is used to optimise the website and to make advertisements on the website more relevant.
    Expires after 3 months
  2.  i/jot/syndication
    Marketing cookie from Twitter: This cookie is installed by Twitter as a result of the integration of our Twitter feed with our website.
    Expires after one session