A young girl is not allowed to come on a school trip because she is diabetic; a teacher makes racist comments to a student; a student is not accepted to study at a fashion college because she wears a headscarf, …

Unia is often contacted by (the parents of) students with disabilities who have trouble obtaining reasonable accommodations at school or who have been referred to Special Education schools without thorough consideration. Other types of discrimination that are frequently reported include discrimination on the basis of religion, origin or sexual orientation.

What does Unia do?

Unia combats discrimination in the education system on the basis of all of the discrimination criteria for which we have competence to act. We also provide consulting to members of the education sector, government and civil society.

Advice and assistance

Are you being treated unfairly at school, have you not received the reasonable accommodations to which you are entitled, or have you been the victim of bullying? Then contact us. We can advise and support you in many situations.

Inclusive education first

Unia advocates for an inclusive school environment, in which all students can participate in classes on an equal basis.

Studies and publications

Would you like to find out more about equal opportunities in education? Unia keeps up with all the latest developments and regularly publishes studies and brochures. Read, for example, the Diversity Barometer Education (2018) or view the brochure Attending the school of your choice with a disability (2016) in Dutch or in French.


Unia often makes recommendations to the competent authorities about how to effectively combat discrimination in education.

Victim or witness
of discrimination?

Report it!