A little girl is prevented from going on a school trip because she is diabetic; a teacher makes racist remarks concerning a pupil; a student is refused admission to a fashion school because she wears a veil; a teacher refuses to allow a dyslexic child to use a tablet during the lesson; etc.

In the field of education, parents of handicapped children often turn to Unia because they are told to put their child in special education when reasonable accommodations would allow the child to attend a mainstream school. Unia is also consulted on issues concerning religious beliefs or origin.

What does Unia do?

Unia promotes inclusive education, open to everyone, regardless of origin, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, etc.

Unia combats discrimination in education based on all the criteria for which it is competent, by:

  • advising and supporting discriminated persons;
  • providing the relevant competent authorities with opinions and recommendations;
  • establishing reports and studies;
  • consulting with the sector, public authorities and associations.

Victim or witness
of discrimination?

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