Working for Unia

Working for Unia means working in an organisation which is both professional and people oriented. Diversity and equal opportunity are key elements in our recruitment and personnel policy, a policy which truly reflects our values.

Selection procedure

We aim to be fully objective and to recruit the candidate who is best suited to the role:

  • For every vacancy there is a standard form to be completed. We ask candidates for nothing more than the strictly necessary contact information.
  • Our communication on salaries and working conditions is fully transparent.
  • In the selection procedure we like to identify candidates who can reasonably adapt to their new role.
  • To prevent any (subconscious) partiality on the part of selection committee members, we evaluate the written tests anonymously.
  • We communicate with the candidates at every stage of the selection procedure; those who are not selected are entitled to feedback.

New to Unia?

We give new colleagues an appropriate welcome on joining the company. As a part of this process they are assigned a mentor and are invited to an introductory talk with the manager.

Unia is keen to encourage a healthy balance between professional and home life: we provide opportunities for teleworking and can work out personal timetables to meet the needs of the employee as well as those of the department.

We aim to offer market compliant and fair salary conditions as well as extralegal benefits. Our employees can rely on full payment of their commute to and from work by public transport, a bike allowance, luncheon vouchers, a personal pension plan, and so on.

Health and comfort at work

Unia supports welfare in the workplace and the prevention of physical and psychosocial risk. These aspects are implemented by our internal health & safety advisor, with help from an external health, safety and welfare service and our internal confidential mediators.

We offer healthy and comfortable working conditions: our employees are given ergonomic office chairs, suitable lighting, enjoy a weekly free fruit scheme, and so on.

Consultation and training

We do our best to provide transparent internal communication through team meetings, personnel meetings, transversal consultation, our own intranet and informal consultations.

We encourage our employees to follow internal and external training courses as a way of refreshing and improving their skills.

We refine our company's internal organisation on the basis of results gained from a regular, external, personnel satisfaction survey.         

Our vacancies

At the present time Unia has no English speaking vacancies.