An IT specialist is not selected for an interview because "he’s non-European". A rent advertisement includes the words "no blacks". In the comments forum of an online newspaper, someone calls for "throwing migrants into the sea". A rabbi discovers a swastika on the front door of the synagogue. An asylum seeker is beaten up because local residents are opposed to the presence of a reception centre.

What is racism?

Racism is an attitude of systematic hostility or contempt for particular individuals or groups of individuals based on their nationality, skin colour, origin, national or ethnic origin.

Racism manifests itself in different ways: in discriminatory acts, statements, writings or behaviour that is prohibited by law.

But regardless of the individuals or groups that are directly targeted, racism is also harmful to society as a whole. 

What is Unia doing to combat racism?

Unia advises and assists people who are victims of discrimination, analyses the consequences of racism in our society, provides training in different sectors on diversity and raises awareness among public authorities on the fight against racism and discrimination by providing them with advice and recommendations.

How can you fight racism?

Citizens, employers, landlords, teachers, politicians, everyone can contribute to a more hospitable and open society for all. We have listed a number of concrete actions for combating racism.