Goods and services

A barman refuses to serve alcohol to a person with a disability; a bus driver won’t allow a person of foreign nationality to get on the bus; a bank decides to limit withdrawals for people over 60 years old to EUR 1000; a landlord refuses to rent their property to a homosexual couple; etc.

The very broad sector of goods and services includes housing offers and access to housing, financial services, the hotel and catering industry, transport, healthcare, public services, cultural life and various services offered by the liberal professions, among other things.

In this domain, Unia is usually contacted regarding discrimination associated with housing, public transport and the financial sector (banks and insurance companies).

The lack or refusal of reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities also creates many discriminatory situations which prevent them from actively participating in society.

What does Unia do?

Unia combats discrimination in the goods and services sector on the basis of all the criteria for which it is competent, by:

  • advising and supporting discriminated persons;
  • raising awareness among the different stakeholders in society on accessibility to services “Towards a city accessible to everyone”;
  • drawing up opinions and recommendations for the authorities competent in the matter;
  • consulting with the sector, public authorities and associations.

Victim or witness
of discrimination?

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