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Healthcare and well-being

A female patient refuses to be treated by a foreign man or doctor; deaf people have difficulties communicating with caregivers owing to a lack of sign language interpreters in hospitals; a foreign healthcare assistant is regularly insulted by patients or colleagues; a patient is confronted with a doctor’s homophobic or serophobic attitude; etc.

Professionals in the healthcare sector are increasingly obliged to question their practices regarding people with specific demands associated with their origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc. Unia aims to find common ground between the points of view of healthcare providers/beneficiaries and define this relationship.

Promoting cross-cultural skills, managing diversity and taking into account the fundamental rights of the elderly or persons with disabilities, are key issues today in the healthcare sector.

Unia advises and supports people who are discriminated against in the healthcare sector (caregivers and patients).

Unia provides the authorities concerned with recommendations based on studies and meetings with the sector.


A guide dog isn’t allowed in a café/restaurant; a person of foreign origin is refused entry to a nightclub; a footballer is insulted on the pitch owing to his alleged sexual orientation; a woman isn’t served at the terrace of a café because she is wearing a veil; etc.

Leisure activities include all those activities we do during our spare time: going out with friends, practising sports, going to the cinema, the theatre, museums, reading in the library, etc. Unia advises and supports people who are discriminated against in the leisure sector.

Unia participates in the elaboration of measures (rules, raising awareness, training, etc.) that help to banish racism and discrimination from the sporting world.

Unia is active in the cultural sector, especially regarding reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities and issues linked to the spreading of hatred by certain performers.

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