A rental advertisement states ‘no benefit claimants’, 'permanent employment contract required', 'we don’t rent to foreigners'. A landlord doesn’t want to rent to a young person because he is worried about the maintenance of his property. A landlord refuses a blind tenant because of their guide dog. Another one breaks the rental contract because he discovers the tenant is homosexual.

Access to decent housing is a fundamental right. Yet discrimination on the housing market still happens a lot. It is experienced particularly by prospective tenants who do not have an employment contract or who are of non-Belgian origin.

What does Unia do?

Discrimination is against the law, and this means at any stage in the sale or rental of a property. Unia combats discrimination on the housing market based on all discrimination grounds in which we are authorised to intervene. We also mediate with the sector, the government and members of civil society

Advice and counselling

Have you experienced discrimination in your search for accommodation or housing? Then contact us and we can offer advice and counselling. 

Proving racial discrimination on the housing market

Do you suspect that you have encountered discrimination on the basis of your origins in your search for housing? Then a practical test can provide confirmation. Find out how you can prove discrimination by telephone or e-mail (Dutch or French).

Information for tenants, owners and professionals from the housing sector

First and foremost, combating discrimination requires information and awareness raising. Jointly with the Brussels Capital Region, Unia has created a brochure presenting the basic principles of the law, along with a number of tips. Read the brochure in French or Dutch.

Reports and studies

Unia stays abreast of current trends through reports and studies. For example, the Diversity Barometer Housing (2014: report in French or Dutch) tracks the extent and forms of discrimination in public and private housing.


Unia also makes recommendations to the competent authorities to effectively combat discrimination on the private and public housing markets.

Victim or witness
of discrimination?

Report it!