Jurisprudence & Alternatives

When Unia believes there is a case of discrimination to be answered, we try to establish constructive dialogue and settle the matter out of court. Legal action is always our last resort. Even then, we seek alternative measures.

Dialogue if possible, legal action if necessary

In many cases Unia's role is essentially a supportive one. We inform the complainant or the parties in question about their rights and duties. We dedicate all further effort in cases of discrimination to reaching a constructive, out of court settlement. This improves the chances of a quick, permanent and structured solution and so helps establish a preventive approach to discrimination.

Unia will go to court if an amicable solution does not appear possible, if the case is highly relevant from a social point of view (to establish a legal precedent, for example, or clarify a point of law) or if the facts of the case are particularly serious (such as flagrant hate crime). But even in these cases we seek alternative measures which could affect the victim and the perpetrator positively.