One of Unia's tasks is to gather and disseminate court decisions which may be of use in evaluating the anti-racism and anti-discrimination legislation.


The database on the Dutch and French language versions of this page contains verdicts and judgements in criminal cases of discrimination, hate crime and hate messaging. The texts have been systematically anonymised and summarised. Legal and other users can access them through simple, fixed parameters or searches for specific words and text fragments.

The database also contains verdicts and judgements in cases in which Unia was not involved in the proceedings. We have not received systematic information of every relevant judgement and so are unable to guarantee the database's completeness. It has, however, been a duty of the courts and employment tribunals since 2013, to inform Unia, pursuant to circular COL 13/2013 of the Board of Procurators-General, of all cases pending in relation to discrimination and hate crime and to send  us a copy of the verdicts and judgements handed down