How do you prove online hate speech?

Did you spot hate messages on the internet? You can always report them to Unia. Be sure to send a direct link to the page or message you would like to report, and include a screenshot in which the context of the message is clearly visible.

How do you create a link?

To a comment on a post or page, or to a specific post

  • Right-click on the date/time of the specific comment.
  • Choose 'copy link address' or 'copy the link'.

By doing so you get the direct link to the comment you want to report. Why is this so important? Because it is otherwise often very difficult to find the right comment in the stream of other comments.

To an article or webpage

You can easily find the direct link in the address bar of your browser.

How do you take a good screenshot?

In case the post or comment gets deleted, we advise you to also take a screenshot of it. Make sure your screenshot shows the context of the post. It should contain the following information:

  • the context: the article or post under which the comment appears, and the comments preceding it.
  • the date and time the message was posted.

This is the best way to proceed:

  • Open the post or article on your computer.
    Tip: on Facebook you can open the specific post by clicking on the date/time of the post.
  • Open all the comments under the post or article by clicking on them so that they are visible.
  • Click on 'CTRL + P', as if you want to print the page.
  • Now choose 'save as pdf' or ‘Microsoft Print to pdf’ and save your screenshot