Complaints about our services?

Any person or organisation that has contact with Unia can submit a complaint. The complaint must involve the operation of Unia or the quality of its services.

Examples of admissible complaints

  • You get no information or reaction from Unia on the handling of a case.
  • The information that you get from Unia (via its brochures, its website, and so forth) is incomplete or unclear.
  • You are not satisfied with the accessibility of Unia (via the reception desk, by telephone, and so forth).
  • You must wait too long for a reply from Unia.
  • You are not satisfied with the behaviour of a Unia employee (during a telephone discussion, during a visit, and so forth).

Examples of inadmissible complaints

  • Anonymous complaints.
  • Complaints with no reasons given (you must describe your reasons clearly).
  • Complaints about events that took place more than one year before submission of the complaint.
  • Complaints about situations that do not fall under the jurisdiction of Unia.
  • Complaints about situations for which administrative appeal procedures exist.
  • Complaints about situations for which an appeal is pending with a judicial body (employment tribunals, the Council of State and so forth).
  • Complaints about situations for which proceedings with the Federal Ombudsman have already been started.


If you submit a complaint to Unia, this does not suspend the period for submitting an appeal with the Council of State and with the judicial courts and tribunals.

How can you submit a complaint?

There are various ways to do this:

  • Fill in the online contact form.
  • Fill in the Word document or pdf of our complaint form (electronically or by hand), print the document out and send it to: Unia, rue Royale 138, 1000 Brussels.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within fifteen days.
  • If your complaint is admissible, it is then transferred to the appropriate department of Unia. They will investigate the complaint and give you a substantiated reply within a reasonable period.

Are you still not satisfied?

Then you can submit a so-called second-line complaint to the federal Ombudsman in various ways.

P Federal Ombudsman; 48, rue de Louvain 48, box 6; 1000 Brussels
T 0800 999 62 (free of charge)

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