What are the major publications by Unia?

Unia aims to share its expertise in the area of equal opportunities and non-discrimination with the general public, politicians, the academic world, professionals in various sectors, civil society, etc. In order to do this, it publishes study reports and informative brochures.

Each year, Unia publishes an annual report that is available in French, Dutch and German. It is an opportunity to review the highlights of the year, but also to consider the work of Unia and the evolution of the reports received per area and per discrimination criterium.

Unia also publishes studies, such as its socio-economic monitoring in partnership with the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue or its diversity barometers, which review diversity in employment, housing and education.

Unia also publishes informative and practical brochures that explore a particular discrimination criterium in detail, such as sexual orientation, or a specific area of action, such as education. Every effort is made to make these brochures accessible to as many people as possible (an easy to read version, a video in sign language, audio-description…).

Many other publications, brochures, studies and memorandums are available on our website.