Agreement between the Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities and the federal police: Annual Report 2014

The federal police and the Centre for Equal Opportunities have been working together closely since 1996 in order to bring this ambition to fruition and fully integrate diversity in the existing processes within the police. This partnership is governed by an agreement between the Belgian minister of the interior and the Centre. This creates a clear framework in which the police and the Centre can continue to work in partnership to fight discrimination, hate speech and hate messages.

Insofar as this agreement is unlimited in time, it also allows them to elaborate a multi-year vision together for joint actions.

A collaboration based on three pillars

Within the framework of this partnership, the Centre and the police have chosen a multifaceted and integrated approach aimed at taking long-lasting, structural action in favour of greater diversity. The current partnership is based on three essential pillars which are complementary, with each bringing an added value to the collaboration:

  1. Diversity training
  2. Support for the integrated police’s Community of Practice Diversity;
  3. Support for structural diversity management projects.

These three pillars are the subject of specific comments in Chapter 2 of this Annual Report, ‘Activities within the partnership’s framework’. In Chapter 1, ‘Ethical competences in the fight against discrimination and racism’, we have firmly opted for another approach this year: to analyse in greater depth a certain number of horizontal observations within the framework of the collaboration between the police and the Centre, based on both external and internal contributions. Besides the diversity training pillar, we have fully focused on implementing structural projects over the past few years.  This has allowed us to pinpoint obstacles and structural challenges within the police organisation. We therefore hope to provide an initial boost to modify processes, if necessary, and initiate a policy likely to truly integrate diversity within the police force.

You can download the Annual Report 2014 below. We hope you enjoy reading it.