Unia is here for you - coronavirus or not

25 October 2020
Area of action: All areas of action
Grounds of discrimination: All grounds of discrimination

Pandemic or not, we are here to combat discrimination. Unia is here to listen and to help. Subject, of course, to the appropriate precautions. How does this affect you?

You have made a complaint about discrimination

  • We still assess every complaint we receive. In view of the circumstances, your complaint may take a little longer than usual to process.

You wish to make a complaint about discrimination

  • As your first course of action, please use the online complaint form.
  • Our free phone number 0800 12 800 is manned Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 1:00pm.
  • Our offices (headquarters in Brussels and local contact points) are currently closed. In other words, we are not arranging face-to-face meetings at present.

You have booked coaching, training or seminars through Unia

  • Please email any questions about Unia-related activities to your Unia contact.

You would like more information on diversity

  • Our eDiv online diversity training module is still available in French and Dutch and is 100% free of charge. It may be helpful when applying a diversity policy in the workplace.
  • All Unia publications are available from our website. 

Our staff operate mostly from home and continue to do their work to the best of their ability. Their effort and dedication has not diminished.

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12 November 2020

Unia takes a stand for getting along together, even in times of corona crisis

The corona crisis that is gripping our country has fuelled mutual distrust among citizens. “We notice that there is a strong tendency to look for culprits or scapegoats”, says Els Keytsman, director of Unia. “This is a trend that we must counteract. Nobody benefits from it. We would do much better to support the countless forms of solidarity created by the pandemic. The corona crisis is certainly not over yet. We have to learn to live with this virus without destroying the solidarity in our society.”  

25 June 2020

Number of reports of discrimination rises by over 13%

In 2019, Unia saw a continued upward trend in the number of reports and cases concerning discrimination. ‘The number of reports was 13.2% higher than in 2018, while the caseload increased by 6.9%. On social media, we are seeing harsher language, about people with disabilities, Muslims and refugees, for example’, says Unia director Els Keytsman. ‘There is a normalisation of hate speech on social media, as well as on the street.’