What happens with your report?

Here are the key steps in processing a report to Unia.

Have you reported a case of discrimination to Unia?

1. Unia will first analyse whether it has the authority to process your report.

  • If this is not the case, if possible, it will direct you to another specialised service.
  • If the case falls within Unia’s competence, however, it will proceed with a more in-depth assessment of your situation.

2. We will then determine the type of follow-up that your report requires

  • We can inform you about your rights, give you information on possible measures according to your situation and the legal framework, or direct you to a more competent specialised organisation to help you. In that case, we would not do any additional follow-up.
  • We can actively follow up on your case, by contacting the people concerned, for example, to initiate a negotiation. In some cases, a follow-up is possible in court (always with your permission).
  • In some cases, the report will not be actively followed up, but you will always be informed.

In any case, if you ticked the box “I would like to receive a response from Unia” you will be informed of the follow-up given to your report.