What is negotiation and what are its benefits?

Unia analyses the reports received to determine the appropriate follow-up. When active monitoring is deemed appropriate, Unia can either opt for negotiation (in the majority of cases), or take legal action.

Unia always favours negotiation

To facilitate this, it can contact and hear all the people concerned in order to reach a constructive solution. Negotiation has several advantages:

  • it is faster than legal proceedings;
  • you can obtain recognition and/or redress;
  • the perpetrator becomes aware of his actions and structural measures can be put in place, a lasting solution is found.

This is why Unia has created a library of solutions on its website. It contains the negotiated solutions that have been found thanks to the intervention of Unia. You can search by criterion and area of discrimination.

Legal proceedings

If negotiation is not possible, Unia can take legal action, with the consent of the person submitting the report (see When does Unia go to court).