Who determines Unia’s duties?

Unia’s duties are determined by the federal government, the Regions and the Communities. Unia reports to the parliaments with which we have signed our cooperation agreement.

Unia combats different forms of discrimination throughout Belgium, always acting strictly within the framework of the law. Unia’s responsibilities were clearly defined in a Belgian law of 1993, which in turn was based on an international convention dating from 1965.

In 2013, the scope of these responsibilities was expanded to include the level of the Regions and the Communities, through a cooperation agreement signed by the federal government and the federated entities. Its tasks were then limited to the Flemish competences from 2023 with the creation of the Flemish Institute for Human Rights.

Unia is also in charge of implementing, protecting and monitoring the application of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and was designated as an independent mechanism by the Federal State, the Regions and the Communities.