Reporting discrimination in education

Have you not been granted accommodations to which you are entitled on the basis of your disability or learning disability? Has a teacher made racist or homophobic remarks? Or do you have questions about your rights and obligations as a school? Anyone who has experienced discrimination on the basis of a protected characteristic, can turn to Unia for help. 

Here are a few tips on how to submit your report, to ensure that we are able to help you efficiently:

  • Give as many details as possible: in what way are you being treated differently? Which accommodations have not been provided? What were the exact words used by the teacher or fellow student?
  • Tell us what steps you have already taken yourself: have you already contacted other people or organisations (such as the ‘CLB’ - Centre for Student Counselling)?

We will also ask you for the city or town where the school is located, the language spoken at the school and the level or type of education.

All of your information will be handled confidentially. We will never contact the school or the party in question without your explicit permission. Unia always strives to jointly reach an amicable solution, taking into account your rights as well as the legitimate concerns of all parties involved.

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