Airline company makes flying more accessible

28 November 2016
Area of action: Goods and services
Grounds of discrimination: Disability

A European airline company has reached an agreement with Unia and will have its operations screened for accessibility. The airline was reported to Unia by disabled people. Moreover, the airline will pay them compensation as well. 

It was only in booking her third flight that a visually impaired woman was successfully able to book a flight for herself accompanied by her guide dog. On the two other occasions, her reservation was cancelled is because of her dog. A few hours before the departure of her flight, she and her dog were refused: the company had not entered the required approval into the reservation system.

Wheelchair not welcome

An aeroplane from the same company refused to allow a passenger’s electric wheelchair on board, despite the fact that the wheelchair-dependent passenger had followed all the required steps when booking the flight. Again, the error was on the part of the airline’s customer service. They had not followed the procedure. This is a case of denied boarding.


According to Unia, the company in question is practising discrimination. That is why Unia asked them to explain themselves. The problem was acknowledged and they are prepared to find a solution together with Unia, without having to resort to the courts.

The passengers will receive compensation. The airline company will have its services audited by an external expert and will then take measures to improve the accessibility of its flights.

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