Diversity Barometer

With its 'Diversity Barometer' Unia maps out the following aspects of Belgian society:

  • The degree of discrimination: the behaviour toward specific target groups in society. These target groups are characterised by their origin, age, handicap, sexual orientation, and so forth.
  • The degree of tolerance: the attitudes toward these target groups.
  • The degree of participation: the degree to which these target groups contribute to society.

The 'Diversity Barometer' is directed toward three recipients: policymakers; social partners and civil society; and supranational authorities, so as to observe the monitoring and evaluation requirements of human rights treaties.

Unia wants to report regularly on the sectors that are most concerned in diversity: employment, housing and education. Therefore we publish a biennial 'Diversity Barometer’ dedicated to one of these three topics. In 2012 the 'Diversity Barometer: Work' appeared; in 2014, the 'Diversity Barometer: Housing'; and in 2018 the 'Diversity Barometer: Education’.