Unia promotes and defends Human Rights in Belgium

Unia is an inter-federal equality body as exists in every European country to combat discrimination and intolerance. Since 2018, Unia has been recognised by GANHRI as the National Human Rights Institute (NHRI). This status recognises Unia's role in the promotion and protection of human rights in Belgium.

    By combatting discrimination and striving for equality, Unia contributes to the respect of human rights for all

    • Unia gives individual support and guidance for people facing discrimination. We want everyone to be able to live in a society where his or her fundamental rights are respected, for example by combating discrimination on the labour market or incitement to hatred on the Internet.
    • Unia carries out awareness-raising campaigns and preventive actions and draws up recommendations on equality and the fight against discrimination. The implementation of these missions also makes it possible to defend the fundamental rights of all.

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    Unia acts as a bridge between Belgium and the international protection of human rights

    • Awareness-raising and information campaigns towards the general public: we provide an overview of the various existing reporting mechanisms in relation to human rights. To the Council of Europe, to the European Union, to the United Nations: various treaties, agreements and institutions which all protect human rights.
    • Publication of opinions and recommendations on the implementation and respect of fundamental rights in Belgium. For example: Unia has published an opinion in the press to draw attention to the respect of the fundamental rights of the elderly. Unia has also drawn attention to the fact that human rights must also be taken into account when introducing measures regarding the coronavirus combat.
    • Contribution to the international protection of human rights:

    International reporting: Unia participates in the evaluation of the respect for human rights by the state of Belgium