Socioeconomic Monitoring

Employment is one of the highest priorities of our country’s government. Whether it involves economic recovery, industrial development, technological innovation, development of entrepreneurship, training and guidance of job seekers, or involvement of social partners and the political world, employment has always been central to the development of our society.

'Socioeconomic Monitoring' is an instrument of Unia and the Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, in collaboration with the National Register, the Crossroads Bank for Social Security, the Commission for the Protection of Privacy, and experts. Its purpose is to get a clear view of the situation of those in the labour market depending on their origin and migration background.

The first report on 'Socioeconomic monitoring' appeared in 2013; the second report in 2015, the third report in 2017, the fourth report in 2019 and the fifth report in 2022.