Handistreaming: toolbox

Do you want to be certain that the fundamental rights of persons with disabilities are guaranteed when working on a new policy initiative or project? The handistreaming toolbox is the ideal tool for civil servants, policymakers or public.

    What is handistreaming?

    Handistreaming (or disability mainstreaming) means considering the effect on people with disabilities when making all policy. This runs alongside the Universal Design principle which considers diverse users when designing any environment. 

    Why handistreaming?

    It is important that civil servants, policymakers, cabinets are aware of how to apply disability mainstreaming for 3 reasons:

    1. People with disabilities continue to experience numerous structural inequalities in our society. There are, for instance, far fewer opportunities to work, move around, live in adapted housing and they are at a much greater risk of poverty.
    2. Policymakers are legally obliged to safeguard and promote the full exercise of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of all people with disabilities.
    3. Disability mainstreaming offers benefits to society and citizens alike. It leads to fewer additional costs (fewer corrective measures and fewer reasonable accommodations), a more inclusive society, greater representation of the population and increased attention for the most vulnerable in our society.

    What is the purpose of the handistreaming toolbox?

    The toolbox has a dual purpose:

    • Informing administrations and policymakers so that they can factor disability and the legal context around it into every new policy initiative.
    • Provide practical support to policy initiatives to ensure that the legal and real needs of people with disabilities are met as early in the process as possible.

    What does the handistreaming toolbox consist of?

    • General context and definition of handistreaming
    • How do you apply handistreaming correctly?
    • Overview of the legal framework
    • Useful information and organisations

    Curious to know more? Read the comprehensive handistreaming toolbox (pdf).